Who teaches…

Andreas, Markus, Jochen (from left to right)

Jochen Rester, 3rd Dan Aikikai


Why do we fall? So we can learn to pick ourselves up. (Batman)

My journey in Aikido has always gone through the same school. Iwama Ryu, the origin, now more likely called Takemusu Aiki. I think it is important to prevent this creativity. To learn the art of Saito Morihio Sensei´s Aikido shows how many infinite seemingly pluralities it holds.

The representatives in Germany are Ute and Mark van Meerendonk, 6th Dan Aikikai. They have supported me with the preperations for and achieving my first and second Dan.

In 2004 I completed my training to become a professinal exercise instructor at the FAB (Fachverband Aikido in Bayern).

On a work-related stay in South Africa for 3 months, I had the opportunity to train with Paul de Bear, 6th Dan Aikikai, and got to get varied impressions. In 2009 I met Patrick Cassidy, 6th Dan Aikikai. His way of training is different but, different in a very pleasant way, it provides technics that go beyond the purely technical aspects of Aikido.

I was lucky to train once with Saito Morihio Sensei, 9th Dan, in October 2000.

I have a close connection with Michael Skotnik, 5th Dan Aikikai, who supports our dojo since 2006 and gives a yearly seminar with us.

Stay Awake:

Be allert, be guided, get into ist and have fun, just stop by and attend our training.

Jochen Rester, 3rd Dan Aikikai since 2017, trains since 2002



Andreas Wiesner, 2nd Dan Aikikai

In July 2004 Aikido found me at the age of 36, for which I joined the dojo in Klardorf. I then was taken in by a small but loving group of martial artists.

Ever since I found this way I´m happy to experience new nuances of this wonderful art in every training and every seminar and also to deepen my understanding of Aikido.

My 1st Dan I received from Ute and Mark van Meerendonk, 6th Dan Aikikai, in August 2016 I then received my 2nd Dan from Patrich Cassidy, 6th Dan Aikikai.

My main focus lays in two parts. First to enhance my body awareness through performing and receiving the different techniques with a partner. The body developes a vitality and sensibility accordingly.

Secondly, this is the reason why I love Aikido, I take advantage of the opportunity to foster my mental attitude and my consciousness in a way that allows me to become a peaceful and relaxed human being.

Andreas Wiesner, 2nd Dan Aikikai since 2016



Markus Wiendl, 1st Dan Aikikai

In 1997 I found Aikido in Nürnberg as a martial art, that´s quite different. Ever since I´m on this journey.

1st Dan Aikikai since 2008, which I received from Mark and Ute van Meerendonk.

Markus Wiendl, 1st Dan Aikikai since 2008